At Ease - S1 Ep1 - Tankful of Dollars


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At Ease (1983) - TV Series

Creator: John Hughes

Stars: Roger Bowen, Jourdan Fremin, Richard Jaeckel, David Naughton, John Vargas, and Jimmie (JJ) Walker

Short lived Series which has a similar premise to another classic show, Sgt. Bilko, follows the misadventures of a pair of conniving GI's, Sgt. Val Valentine and Pfc. Tony Baker, who are stationed at Camp Tar Creek, an Army base located in Texas. They attempt to outwit their by-the-books commander, Major Hawkins, and his informant, Cpl. Wessel (who is derisively called "Weasel", by Baker and Valentine), and profit from their hitch in the army.

Published 1 year ago

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