60s Girl Groups TRIBUTE Sampler - 24K Gold Music LIVE!


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24K Gold Music performs several medleys of 1960s girl group songs. Here are some clips of portions of several of those. These clips are taken from different shows at various auditoriums.
Leader of the Pack- The Shangri-Las
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow- The Shirelles
Dancing in the Street- Martha and the Vandellas
Be My Baby- The Ronettes
My Boyfriend's Back- The Angels

Some people ask why we publish mostly parts of songs (clips), and do not publish very many full length songs. We are trying hard not to end up causing anyone any problems. We DO feel the fair use clause in the copyright laws pertains to what we are doing, since none of us have ever made a penny from performing or working in the shows. We are all volunteers, and LOVE working together as a family! WE LOVE THE MUSIC! All of the income from the shows goes to HELP pay for advertising and production costs, such as the rental of auditoriums, licensing fees to the performing rights organizations, toll free phone lines, credit card acceptance fees, sales tax, insurance, equipment rentals and repairs, etc. However, in spite of the fair use clause, we still try our best to not create problems. We started out publishing full length songs, and immediately began to receive cautions about doing so. Therefore, we are going to publish mostly shorter clips (which should not be a problem for anyone, as that is the standard way of advertising in the music industry.... How else can people determine whether they want to attend, and if they don't attend, then the performing rights organizations will not get much money to pass on to the performers and songwriters).

24K Gold Music Shows is a 136 person show-team based in Florida. Our shows feature many different styles of performances of top song hits from a period of about 50 years, with special emphasis upon oldies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. This video clip (kept short so as not to create a problem for the original performers who made the song famous) is a part of just one song. We perform different songs in every show, from a 500 song repertoire list.

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